What is the difference between the ACT and the SAT?

The ACT covers four subject areas: English, Reading, Math and Science with an optional Written Essay. The SAT is divided into Verbal, Math, and Writing sections with a mandatory Essay. Some students test better on one test over the other. Either test is accepted by 90% of colleges.

When should I take my first ACT or SAT? 

Students are encouraged to take these tests during their junior year. Under the block schedule at Byron High School, it is best to take the ACT or SAT after taking college preparatory coursework in core academic subjects of math, science and English. For example, a junior should take chemistry or physics, junior year English and junior year math immediately prior to taking the ACT or SAT. This improves scores due to greater mastery and retention. Students often take tests more than once. Colleges are most interested in the highest composite score.

What can you tell me about test preparation?

Westrongly encourage students to use the test preparation booklets received when they register. ACT and SAT internet sites offer testingtips and opportunities to take practice exams. There are also practicetests in the guidance office. Byron High School offers an ACTpreparation workshop in late winter/early spring of the school year toprepare students for the June ACT test. Rochester schools offerfall/winter preparation workshops. Byron students are eligible toattend.