Our communities haven’t made a major investment in our major core educational facilities since 1987 at the High School (Auditorium 1991) and 1966 at the Elementary School (Early Childhood 1996). Throughout the planning process, the District’s goal was to create a plan that provides opportunity by removing learning barriers and promoting success for all students. At the same time, we respect that local taxpayers fund the plan, so we have worked to provide a high level of value for our community investment.

The District is presenting two ballot questions. Question number one is for $48,220,000 focused on investing in repairs and upgrades to our school buildings to meet the needs identified by experts, District staff and community members. Question number two is for $10,450,000 for a Staples-Motley Activity Center. The District believes this is the right plan for our communities because: 

Facility infrastructure projects and construction projects are more expensive to do individually. Just like remodeling your home, doing these projects together saves the District money. If passed, this plan would:

- Replace our outdated HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems
- Upgrade aging plumbing
- Upgrade aging electrical systems
- Remove asbestos
- Address exterior maintenance needs
- Replace lights with LEDs
- Replace old single pane windows
- Replace old and unusable space at the Elementary and High Schools

If passed, this plan would help improve the safety and security of our buildings. These changes allow building staff to properly control who has access to the buildings at all times. This plan would:

- Add properly supervised, controlled-access entrances
- Add security cameras, occupancy sensors and door monitors
- Add drop off and pick up locations at both schools

If passed, this plan would address our current space needs as well as those we may have in the future as our District grows. It would:

- Renovate restrooms to be ADA compliant and accessible to all students and community members
- Refresh and re-purpose classrooms to fit current needs
- Add STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) classrooms to the elementary school
- Remodel Special Education areas to fit today’s best educational practices and meet our students’ needs

Here is a map showing the level of repairs at the HS

Here is a map showing the repairs levels at the ES.