It is strongly recommended that students take medications at home under the supervision of an adult. However, we recognize that there may be special circumstances in which a student may require medications during the regularly scheduled school day. 

Staples-Motley District Policy #516 Student Medication

Medication is defined as prescription medication or over the counter(OTC) medication. No student may carry or take any medication at school without written authorization from the parent/guardian.

If your student requires prescription medication at school, we require a Physician Order. An Authorization to Dispense form is also required before the administration of any medication in the school setting. Orders must be renewed each year.

Staples-Motley Schools does not supply over the counter medications for students. Parents may provide over the counter medications in the original bottle/packaging to be kept in the health office for their child's use only. Any unused medication will be returned at the end of the school year.

It is strongly recommended you contact the District Nurse if your student has a special health need. Please see the Contact District Nurse page for more information.