Kristy Brownell
Registered Nurse
218-894-5400 x3168

Karen Bergemann
Licensed Practical Nurse
218-894-5400 x3304


To promote the health and safety of the school-age child and to minimize or eliminate health-related barriers to learning. To promote employee health and well being.


To operate as a short-term facility where ill or injured students can rest and have their needs evaluated until they are able to return to class or be placed under their parent’s care. It is a site for health screening procedures as delineated by MN Dept. of Education, a center where health records are located and an area where nursing procedures are performed so that students can participate as fully as possible in the least restrictive educational setting.


The Health Assistant is an integral part of the health services team. They are medically trained personnel who provide first aid support for students and staff, do delegated nursing procedures, assist with screenings, organize and maintain the health room and keep the school nurse informed of the building needs and areas of concern. The District School Nurse provides direct professional support and service to students, families, and staff. They assess the health needs of students and staff, make appropriate referrals and do follow up. They function as a member of the building staff and are a liaison between other healthcare professionals, educators, students, and their families.