Q. How much will this project cost?
A. Renovation of 47,000 square feet and new construction of 187,000 is estimated to be approximately $60 Million. 

Q. What is the tax impact?
A. For an average house in Staples-Motley valued at $121,956, it is estimated to be $1.05 a day for 20 years. 

Q. Where will the K-12 school be located?
A. The K-12 school building will be at the site of the current elementary school.

Q. Will the current elementary school be demolished?
A. No, we will reuse the current building and remodel it.

Q.  What is the plan for the current high school, Motley school, auditorium, and football field after this is built?
A. We don't have any concrete plans for what will happen after the new K-12 building is completed. Potentially community groups could take over the high school, Motley school, auditorium, and football field. We do plan to continue providing early childhood learning services in Staples and Motley.

Q. Why does the school district want one building?
A. It is not affordable to continue operating three separate buildings. If we do not streamline operations and become more efficient, the district could go into statutory operating debt in the near future. For example, the district could reduce expenditures of over $200,000 a year just in transportation and staffing.

Q. How can the district afford to build a new building when the district has a budget deficit?
A. The building referendum monies can only be used to build the building and cannot be used for staff or other operating costs. Think of it as two separate bank accounts. The district will have one bank account to build the new building and one bank account to pay for staff and other operating expenses.

Q. When is the new building expected to be finished?
A. If voters approve the building referendum in May 2019, we anticipate the new building would open for the start of the 2021-2022 school year.