The early childhood years (from birth to the start of kindergarten) are an important time of rapid growth and learning. Children’s brains are developing more quickly at this time than at any other. Young children are exploring what they can do with their bodies and creating relationships with loved ones. They are investigating how the world works and their place in that world. Because of this complex and rapid development in young children, a shared set of expectations of what young children can know and do is necessary to build successful early childhood education programs and supports. In Minnesota, this set of shared expectations is called the Early Childhood Indicators of Progress: Minnesota’s Early Learning Standards (ECIPs). The areas of learning or domains covered by the ECIPs include physical and movement development; language, literacy and communications; cognitive; mathematics; scientific thinking; social systems; approaches to learning; the arts; and social and emotional development. Staples-Motley School offers many choices for preschool programming that align with the ECIPs. School Readiness, Head Start and Little Cardinals Academy Childcare curriculums all align with the ECIPs.

Starting in 2019-20 we will be moving ALL Early Childhood Education Services to the newly expanded Staples-Motley Early Education Center. This move will allow us to offer NEW and EXPANDED programming options.

Children are welcome to join an early learning class at any time - enrollment is always open and easy! With our new universal application, families can enroll for ANY preschool program option (including Head Start) through the school district services.

For information about any of the Early Learning programming,
Contact Sue Anderson today at 218-894-5400 ext. 3531 or sanderson@isd2170.k12.mn.us

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