Craig Waldvogel

Craig Waldvogel , about 11 hours ago

Question from the community about Build 2170. Q. How can the district afford to build a new building when the district has a budget deficit? A. The building referendum monies can only be used to build the building and cannot be used for staff or other operating costs. Think of it as two separate bank accounts. The district will have one bank account to build the new building and one bank account to pay for staff and other operating expenses. view image

Craig Waldvogel

Craig Waldvogel , 1 day ago

Question from the community about Build 2170. Q. Why does the school district want one building? A. It is not affordable to continue operating three separate buildings. If we do not streamline operations and become more efficient, the district could go into statutory operating debt in the near future. For example, the district could reduce expenditures of over $200,000 a year just in transportation and staffing. view image

Craig Waldvogel

Craig Waldvogel , 2 days ago

Do you have questions about Build 2170? If so, you can ask us questions on the Build 2170 web page ( We will post the questions and answers! #Build2170 #Cardinals view image

Craig Waldvogel

Craig Waldvogel , 3 days ago

We are calling our building project Build 2170. We have made a Build 2170 page on our website. The I.T. department will be updating the Build 2170 page frequently, so we encourage you to visit our website frequently to find out new information. #Build2170 #Cardinals view image

Staples-Motley ISD #2170

Staples-Motley ISD #2170 , 4 days ago

Over the past year, we have been working hard to plan for the future of our great school district! We would like to share with you some information. Take a look at the following pictures! #Cardinals view image

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